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Paving Paths to Sustainable Connections

This week on Sea Change Radio, a more ecological solution for paving driveways and parking lots, and a social networking site specifically for people working to make the world a more sustainable place. Host Alex Wise‘s first guest is Dustin Glist from Invisible Structures, a company that creates paving solutions that process stormwater naturally, allowing water recapture, preventing erosion, and even allowing you to plant grass on a roof or driveway. We ask him about what problems current paving solutions present and the practical uses of his company’s technology. After that, we hear from Martin Chilcott, the founder and CEO of 2Degrees Network, a social networking website that connects green innovators from all over the world. We talk about how this site, which finally taps the power of social networking for the green movement, might be a “game changer” in the shift to environmental sustainability.

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COP 16 Report

The 16th UN Climate Change Summit – also known as Conference of the Parties, or COP 16 was just held in Cancún, Mexico. So what happened there? Did we get the agreement we wanted? Many environmentalists say “no,” but this week’s guests both believe the summit was nevertheless historical and constructive. This week on Sea Change Radio, host Alex Wise talks to Kate Sheppard, an environmental reporter at Mother Jones, and Martin Chilcott, the CEO of 2 Degrees Network. Both attended the summit in Cancún earlier this month and give us their perspectives for the next UN Convention on Climate Change in Durban, South Africa, the greening of China, and the potential “Sputnik moment” that could ignite the United States’ competitive spirit and finally inspire bolder climate change policy.