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Ocean Conservation: Pearls of Wisdom

Ocean pollution is something most of us are well aware of whether it be from seeing plastic bags washed ashore or images of marine life stuck in oil spills – but ocean acidification is a more latent phenomenon that scientists are still learning about. This week on Sea Change Radio, host Alex Wise speaks first with the editor of E: The Environmental magazine, Brita Belli, about her recent feature on ocean acidification and how oysters have been an unlikely source for better understanding the problem – and possible solutions. Then, the second part of our discussion with Seth Berry, an Assemblyman from Maine who’s not only actively involved in local environmental political issues, he also helps run a sustainable aquaculture business.

Climate Change Brings an Ocean of Change to Our Seas

Today on Sea Change Radio, we cover Oceans Day, a side event at the recent Copenhagen Climate Conference (COP15) looking at the impact of climate change on oceans.  Sea Change Radio Climate Correspondent Cimbria Badenhausen, who covered all two weeks of COP15 from Copenhagen in December 2009, attended Oceans Day, recorded the proceedings, and hand-picked the highlights, including presentations by U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Administrator Jane Lubchenco, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Director and President Susan Avery, and European Commission Deputy Director-general of Environment Karl Falkenberg. But first, Tania Haldar Hart brings us the Sea Change NewsAnalysis on TIAA-CREF divesting from companies alleged to be complicit in genocide in response to an Investors Against Genocide campaign.    Read the show transcript