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Paul Ehrlich on Jaws

Did you know that 300 years ago people had larger jaws? Why would this be the case and why is it important? Paul Ehrlich, the founding father of modern population sciences, is here to talk about his new book which is a bit of a diversion from his usual work – warning us to not have too many kids. This time, Ehrlich, along with co-author and orthodontist Sandra Kahn, explore the links between jaw size and an increased risk of heart disease, cancer, sleep apnea and hyperactivity. Today, Ehrlich discusses the evolutionary biology of jaws and talks about what people can do to reverse what he calls a “hidden epidemic.”

Less Is More: On Population, More or Less

The United Nations forecasts that by 2050 the world’s population will exceed 9 billion. How will that affect life on the local level, on the global level, and in developing countries? And what impact will all these new humans have on the climate? Last week on Sea Change Radio we talked with Paul Ehrlich, iconic authority on the subject of population. This week on Sea Change Radio, we continue our exploration of the topic. First, host Alex Wise speaks with New York Times environmental reporter and Dot Earth blogger, Andrew Revkin, and then later with Stewart Brand, frequent guest, former student of Paul Ehrlich, and environmentalist icon in his own right. Both guests share their thoughts on how immigration, urbanization, religion, and the increasing global empowerment of women are affecting the population equation.

For more on the ongoing debates surrounding population, check out Mr. Revkin’s recent posts here and here via Dot Earth. Also, here’s an interesting piece by Adam Werbach in The Atlantic which offers a fresh perspective on the debate, and exhorts  us “to move away from the language of population control and towards an even more vibrant advocacy on behalf of women.”

Pop Culture: Paul Ehrlich on Surviving the Population Bomb

It took humankind 1800 years to get from a global population of about 200 million to 1 billion. But it only took us 200 years to go from a billion to 7 billion.  Most students of population agree that the planet cannot support current rates of population growth for much longer. This week Sea Change Radio begins a two-week series on population. Today we spend the whole show talking with Paul R. Ehrlich, author of the environmental classic, The Population Bomb and one of the foremost scholars on the subject. Dr. Ehrlich talks with host Alex Wise about the optimism of that book, the events and policies that subdued that optimism, and the ideas that drive his most recent tome, Humanity on a Tightrope. We ask Dr. Ehrlich about what needs to happen now to ensure the sustainability of the planet and the human race and about why controlling population growth is a centerpiece of the solution he envisions. He also shares his views on economics, immigration, US politics, and his personal choice to have only one child.