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Frank Carini on the State of the Ocean State

This week on Sea Change Radio, we focus on Southern New England and how climate change is affecting the region. We hear from Frank Carini, the co-founder of ecoRI News, a publication which recently came out with a special report on the topic. We discuss the often overlooked issue of rising incidents of Lyme Disease in the region and how they’re connected to the warming atmosphere, how the livelihoods of local fisherman are being affected by changing oceans, and what cities like Providence, Rhode Island are doing to offset rising temps. Then, we re-visit our 2017 discussion with mission venture capitalist Joel Solomon as he expounds on the future of our collective economic well-being.

Four Strong Winds: First US Offshore Wind Project Launches

TimFaulknerAs the public learned of the recent opening of America’s first offshore wind power project, many wondered why it took so long? This week on Sea Change Radio, we talk with the executive editor of EcoRI News, Tim Faulkner, to discuss the opening of the Block Island Wind Farm off of Rhode Island. We learn about the logistics of this undertaking, compare it to offshore wind projects in Europe, and ponder the future of similar endeavors under a presidential administration that is openly hostile to wind power.