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Building a Local Sustainable Economy that Works for All

Prakash LauferFelice Yeskel

As icecaps and global markets melt down, localism is rising up as a solution to our ecological and economic crises. United for a Fair Economy and Class Action, two national nonprofits based in Massachusetts that address the inequitable distribution of resources, are sponsoring a workshop entitled “Building a Local Economy that Works for All.” Today, we speak with Class Action Executive Director and United for a Fair Economy co-founder Felice Yeskel, and current United for a Fair Economy Board Chair Prakash Laufer about how the workshop weaves together economic, social, class, and environmental solutions to build a local sustainable economy. We at CWR have spoken with Felice in the past about her book, Economic Apartheid in America. Prakash is former CEO of Motherwear, a catalog company providing clothing for breastfeeding mothers that he co-founded in part on the principles of PROUT, or progressive utilization theory, which envisions a post-capitalist economy that is sustainable and just.

Class Action

United for a Fair Economy

Building a Local Economy that Works for All

Listen to more of our interview with Felice Yeskel and Prakash Laufer

February 15, 2006 CWR w/Felice Yeskel and Sam Pizzigati: “Economic Apartheid and Excessive Executive Compensation”

CWR Headlines:

“Barack Obama — a Sustainable President?”
The Carbon Footprint of Obama’s Campaign
Obama May Put Renewable-Energy Plan Ahead of Climate Package
Obama’s potential green team

Hazel Henderson

CWR ViewPoint:

On September 26, 2008, Nicolas Sarkozy,president of France and the European Union, said, “we must rethink the financial system from scratch, as at Bretton Woods.” On October 22, US President George Bush announced that Bretton Woods II, as it was called, would be held in Washington DC on November 15. The new summit seeks to fix the broken economic order created at the summit of world leaders held in a small New Hampshire ski town as World War II wound down. In today’s ViewPoint, we speak with Hazel Henderson of Ethical Markets about her recent CSRwire commentary, “Advice for Summitteers on Reforming the Global Casino.” This continues our series with Hazel commenting on the market meltdown.

Hazel Henderson

Ethical Markets

“Advice for Summitteers on Reforming the Global Casino”

Foreign Exchange Transaction System

United Nations Security Insurance Agency

Bretton Woods II

Economic Apartheid and Excessive Executive Compensation

FeliceWith recent rule and law proposals on reigning in executive compensation from the Securities and Exchange Commission and US Representative Barney Frank (D-MA), Corporate Watchdog Radio examines the relationship between excessive executive compensation and economic inequality by speaking with Felice Yeskel, author of the recently published second edition of Economic Apartheid in America: A Primer on Economic Inequality & Insecurity, about the root causes for the widening gulf in wealth disparity and the social impacts of this phenomenon. Felice co-founded Class Action, a nonprofit seeking to bridge the class divide, as well as United for a Fair Economy (UFE), which advocates for economic equality, and Responsible Wealth, a coalition of high net worth individuals committed to more equitable wealth distribution.

We also speak with Sam Pizzigati, a past board member of UFE and author of Greed and Good. His weekly newsletter “Too Much” regularly runs stories of CEO excess.


Press Release: Frank Introduces Legislation to Protect Shareholders from Abuses of Executive Compensation

Protection Against Executive Compensation Abuse Act–H.R.4291.IH

SEC Votes to Propose Changes to Disclosure Requirements Concerning Executive Compensation and Related Matters

Text of Proposed Rules

United for a Fair Economy

Responsible Wealth

Class Action

War Millionaires: Defense Contractor CEO Pay Up 200 Percent Since 9/11

Economic Apartheid in America: A Primer on Economic Inequality & Insecurity

Greed and Good

Too Much newsletter