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Startups Help Homeowners Conserve

This week on Sea Change Radio, a profile of three Bay Area companies trying to help people lower their electric bills. Alex Wise first speaks with Danny Kennedy, the founder of Sungevity, a company that provides customers with solar installation quotes remotely using satellite imaging technology. Mr. Kennedy, who worked as an activist before entering the solar business, also discusses the issues facing. Next, we hear from the founders of two home energy auditing startups – Steve Malloy of YoutilBill and Matt Golden of Recurve.

Sustainable Grooves: The Art of Making Guitars Responsibly

In November of 2009, world-renowned guitar-maker, Gibson Guitar Corp., was raided by Federal Agents from the US Fish & Wildlife Service over the illegal importation of rosewood from Madagascar. It served as a wake up call to the entire guitar & bass industry. This week on Sea Change RadioAlex Wise speaks with Anderson Page and Joe Perman of high-end bass guitar crafter, Modulus Guitars, to get their insight into the Gibson scandal, the international trade in rare woods and how Modulus is able to maintain its ethical and sustainable practices.  

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