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Shareholders Ask Corporations to Do The Right Thing

Andrew-ShalitAnnual shareholder meetings in April and May are a time to press companies to do the right thing on environment and human rights. CWR discusses shareholder fights at DuPont(toxic chemicals), Dow Chemical (Bhopal), Whole Foods (toxics in products), CVS and others.

A report back on a public conversation at the American Bar Association with a Chevron lawyer regarding their potential pollution liabilities in Ecuador. Guests include Julie Gozan of Amalgamated Bank and Andrew Shalit of Green Century Capital Management.

Economic Apartheid and Excessive Executive Compensation

FeliceWith recent rule and law proposals on reigning in executive compensation from the Securities and Exchange Commission and US Representative Barney Frank (D-MA), Corporate Watchdog Radio examines the relationship between excessive executive compensation and economic inequality by speaking with Felice Yeskel, author of the recently published second edition of Economic Apartheid in America: A Primer on Economic Inequality & Insecurity, about the root causes for the widening gulf in wealth disparity and the social impacts of this phenomenon. Felice co-founded Class Action, a nonprofit seeking to bridge the class divide, as well as United for a Fair Economy (UFE), which advocates for economic equality, and Responsible Wealth, a coalition of high net worth individuals committed to more equitable wealth distribution.

We also speak with Sam Pizzigati, a past board member of UFE and author of Greed and Good. His weekly newsletter “Too Much” regularly runs stories of CEO excess.


Press Release: Frank Introduces Legislation to Protect Shareholders from Abuses of Executive Compensation

Protection Against Executive Compensation Abuse Act–H.R.4291.IH

SEC Votes to Propose Changes to Disclosure Requirements Concerning Executive Compensation and Related Matters

Text of Proposed Rules

United for a Fair Economy

Responsible Wealth

Class Action

War Millionaires: Defense Contractor CEO Pay Up 200 Percent Since 9/11

Economic Apartheid in America: A Primer on Economic Inequality & Insecurity

Greed and Good

Too Much newsletter

Dupont in Hot Water

Sanford Lewis interviews Glenn Evers, a former DuPont chemical engineer, and Attorney Alan Kluger, who is suing DuPont regarding Teflon. Evers, who worked for DuPont for more than 20 years, recently flagged concerns regarding health impacts of Dupont products used to coat fast food wrappers. Kluger has filed a $5 billion lawsuit against Dupont over the alleged toxicity of Teflon coated cookware. Lewis is himself a representative of DuPont Shareholders for Fair Value, a group of DuPont shareholders including Amalgamated Bank, United Steelworkers and others concerned about the financial impacts of these issues on DuPont.


Dupont Shareholders for Fair Value

Environmental Working Group

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