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Sono Motors: On The Sunny Side Of The Street

jonachristiansYou know how hot your car gets on a sunny day? Wouldn’t it be great if all that sun-absorption could actually fuel your ride? Well, this week on Sea Change Radio we profile a small German startup called Sono Motors which is working on making that very thing happen. Sono Motors co-founder Jona Christians outlines how this automobile, draped in solar panels, will charge a battery for up to 250 kilometers of sun-powered driving, discusses the market landscape for this sort of technology, and tells us how the company recently raised $200,000 in crowd-source funding to make their vision real. Then, we revisit host Alex Wise‘s interview with Mike Tinskey from Ford Motors who, in 2014, talked about the company’s promising C-Max Solar Energi Concept car with solar panels built right into the roof.