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Thirst-Quenching Solutions

In some parts of the world, millions of people struggle daily for access to safe drinking water, while elsewhere people consume water at nonrenewable rates. This week on Sea Change Radio, we speak with two individuals who are working to help find a solution.  Alex Wise talks with Carlos Perea, the CEO of Miox, an Albuquerque-based water purification company that uses salt and electrolysis to make potable water.  Perea explains how Miox’s technology can be a cost-effective solution for both a hiker and an entire municipality.  Dr. Chandrasekhar “Spike” Narayan, who heads IBM’s Almaden Lab Science & Technology Organization, discusses his team’s approach to developing energy-efficient, large-scale desalination systems using both reverse and forward osmosis (here’s a video about their work):

Picture of a Positive Future: A Different Way Of Getting Around

This week on Sea Change Radio, Dr. Chandrasekhar “Spike” Narayan of IBM’s Almaden Research Center talks to Sea Change host Alex Wise about his team’s Battery 500 Project.  Then, digital artist, Steve Price, of Urban Advantage, a firm that creates visions of pedestrian-friendly, socially-interactive communities by transforming photographs using photo-editing software, walks us through some of the traffic, parking and other transportation-related issues facing today’s green urban designers. 

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