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“The Cove” Revisited

With this week’s announcement of the Oscar nominees for 2011, Sea Change Radio felt that this was a good occasion to re-visit our discussion with the Producer of last year’s Academy Award winner for best documentary film, Louie Psihoyos, whose movie “The Cove” has done so much to raise awareness of the global movement to protect dolphins.

Sea Change Radio’s Alex Wise speaks with Psihoyos about how the movie is raising awareness about the capture and slaughter of dolphins and dangerously high mercury levels in our oceans. Just recently, for example, rock star, Sting, expressed his public support in Japan for the strides that Psihoyos and dolphin expert Ric O’Barry have made through the project. The co-founder of the Oceanic Preservation Society, Psihoyos speaks candidly about the challenges making and distributing a film against the wishes of some Japanese officials and examines the even bigger sustainability issues that the film illuminates.

Things That Endure: A New Indestructible Soccer Ball and the Beauty of Cape Cod

This week on Sea Change Radio, Alex Wise speaks with Eric Frothingham of the One World Futbol Project, an effort underwritten by Sting, to create a soccer ball to last a lifetime. Next, we hear from photojournalist, Ethan Daniels, who recently published a photobook entitled Under Cape Cod Waters, which provides a fascinating glimpse into the hidden beauty of one of America’s natural treasures.

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