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Gamification and Sustainability

This week on Sea Change Radio, we talk to game theory expert Gabe Zichermann, about how gamification – the concept of using fun, engaging challenges to encourage certain behavior – can play a larger role in the sustainability movement. While gamification has recently risen in popularity in the business world, particularly in online marketing, Zichermann discusses with host Alex Wise how gamifiying more parts of our daily routine can play a role in helping craft better policy and how gamification can encourage individuals to consciously (and sometimes subconsciously) help themselves and the environment.

Socially Responsible Investment Community Reacts to BP Deepwater Disaster

“Man is not imprisoned by habit. Great changes in him can be wrought by crisis — once that crisis can be recognized and understood.” -author Norman Cousins

Sea Change Radio’s Alex Wise and CEO of Sustainability Risk Advisors, Mark Tulay, examine if there is a silver lining to what many are calling the greatest environmental disaster in history unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico. Read the show transcript

The Transition — to Sustainability

Hunter Lovins
Hunter Lovins
Charlie Cray
Charlie Cray

Today we talk with Hunter Lovins, founder of Natural Capitalism Solutions, about the Presidential Climate Action Project.  The Sea Change ViewPoint comes from Charlie Cray of the Center for Corporate Policy.

For many people, the election of Barack Obama as the US President stoked hope for big change.  The transition to the Obama Administration brings promise of shifts to government regulations and policies to promote sustainability.  Long before the election, though, a group of influential sustainability leaders gathered to brainstorm recommendations to the incoming President on tackling climate change.  The Presidential Climate Action Project was born,Read the show transcript

Organic Milk and Factory Farming

Dean Foods’ Horizon Organic Milk brand is under fire for its industrial farming model. Mark Kastel of the Cornucopia Institute and Steven Heim of Boston Common Asset Management speak about the shareowner engagement they’ve been conducting with the company, asking why Dean would want to endanger the reputation of its Horizon brand by sourcing milk from factory farms.

George SiemonGeorge Siemon, CEO of Organic Valley, a cooperative that competes with Horizon nationally, talks about the difference between the family farm organic model and the industrial farm organic model, as well as noting some positives that corporations can bring to the sustainability movement. Francesca Rheannon of Writer’s Voice co-hosts this edition with Bill Baue.

Cornucopia Institute

Boston Common Asset Management

Dean Foods Stock Drops 12% on Concerns About Organic Brands – Investors Challenge Dean Foods’ Investment in Organic Factory Farms at Annual Shareholders Meeting

Organic Valley