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Phoenix Economy Rising – Potential Sustainable Economic Order


Sea Change Radio Co-Hosts Bill Baue and Francesca Rheannon speak with green business guru John Elkington about the new Phoenix Economy report.  And Sea Change members join in the conversation with Elkington in the second half of the show for the first Sea Change Radio RoundTable.  In this feature, we host a sustainability expert fielding questions from Sea Change members — this time featuring Calvert Social Funds Founding Boardmember and Ben & Jerry’s Boardmember Terry Mollner, Ener-G-Save Executive Director Karen Ribeiro, and Common Good Finance President William Spademan.

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Designing the Future of the Corporation

Marjorie KellyAllen White and Marjorie Kelly discuss the upcoming Summit on the Future of the Corporation that the organization they founded, Corporation 2020, is hosting in Boston on November 13 and 14, 2007. The Summit gathers thought leaders from business, civil society, labor, government, and academia to discuss and plan new corporate structures designed for social, environmental, and financial sustainability.

This conversation, co-hosted by Bill Baue and Francesca Rheannon, follows up on CWR’s two-part interview with Allen and Marjorie in June 2006, and also touches on the question of whether legal regulation is the best means of promoting corporate change first addressed on CWR when we spoke with Terry Mollner, a Ben & Jerry’s boardmember and a founding boardmember of Calvert Social Investment Funds.

Summit on the Future of the Corporation

Corporation 2020

June 5, 2006 edition of CWR: Redesigning the Corporation

June 21, 2006 edition of CWR: Redesigning the Corporation Part II

October 28, 2006 edition of CWR: Corporations Need to Grow Up

Corporations Need to Grow Up

Terry-MollnerMany of today’s corporations behave like irresponsible teenagers, according to Terry Mollner, a founder of Calvert Funds and Board member of Ben and Jerry’s. Mollner discusses his ideas about maturing the corporation to make the good of society a priority. He also discusses the behind the scenes story of the Ben & Jerry’s buyout, and the need for a broader strategy to retain corporate social responsibility in the face of buyouts and mergers.