Sea Change Member Thanks

billbaueThanks to the efforts of the Sea Change Marketing Coordinator Wayne Cobb, we have almost reached the halfway point in our goal of raising $5,000.  That’s the amount of the Matching Grant Challenge issued by the Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts in late December 2008, which effectively doubles every dollar donated toward membership.

“The Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts is a funding vessel to sustain projects like Sea Change that promote sustainability here in the Pioneer Valley and throughout the world,” said CFWM board-member Sandy Pearson, whose Donor Advised Fund, the Pearson Family Trust, financed the grant. “I’m proud to support Sea Change to enhance the value of its programming through fundraising and building its community of members, who are fans of the show like me.”

We currently have over 30 members, and would love to have YOU join the Sea Change community.  Contact Wayne at marketing [at] to arrange for your donation, which is tax-deductible due to our non-profit status as a division of the Trusteeship Institute.

Members, please listen to the below message from Sea Change Radio Co-Host/Producer Bill Baue thanking you for your generosity, and outlining ongoing benefits of membership.



About Bill Baue

Bill Baue is Co-Director of Sea Change Media, a non-profit that makes connections in the shift to social, environmental, and economic sustainability. He co-hosts/produces Sea Change Radio, a nationally syndicated show that podcasts globally.