Steve Seeger + Doniece Sandoval: Power of One

One thing that we are consistently reminded of during election season is that each and every person can make a difference – whether it’s casting a vote in a super tight election, or confronting a US Senator in an elevator, the power of one can’t be easily dismissed. This week on Sea Change Radio, we explore how even someone who may not have lots of money or technical know-how but cares deeply for the environment can have an impact. Today we are speaking with Steve Seeger, the creator of Steve’s Weave, a new environmentally-focused community website which he hopes will soon be known as the “Green” Craigslist. We learn about what inspired Steve to embark on this project, hear about how his passion for recycling began at a young age, and discuss his new way of connecting eco-conscious individuals to each other, to opportunities, and to action. Then, we turn to the Sea Change Radio archives and meet Doniece Sandoval, the founder of Lava Mae, a nonprofit which provides shower-equipped buses to the homeless.