Things That Endure: A New Indestructible Soccer Ball and the Beauty of Cape Cod

This week on Sea Change Radio, Alex Wise speaks with Eric Frothingham of the One World Futbol Project, an effort underwritten by Sting, to create a soccer ball to last a lifetime. Next, we hear from photojournalist, Ethan Daniels, who recently published a photobook entitled Under Cape Cod Waters, which provides a fascinating glimpse into the hidden beauty of one of America’s natural treasures.

Producing a more durable soccer ball may not sound like a sustainability breakthrough on the surface, but with over 70 million balls sold every year, each of which has only a lifespan of one or two years, the One World ball has the potential to eliminate a significant amount of waste. The project is driven not only by a vision for sustainability but for global outreach and opportunity. For each $39.50 ball sold, One World Futbol donates a second one to an area in need – the One World Futbol foundation accepts donations from people who want to send balls around the world.  This innovative ball, which never needs pumping and withstands razor wire, sharp rocks and broken glass, was created by Tim Jahnigen, a Berkeley inventor, musician and music producer.

Photojournalist, Ethan Daniels, trained as a marine biologist, has captured the mystery and importance of the overlooked natural communities along the Cape Cod coastline in the spirit of Thoreau. At the heart of Under Cape Cod Waters is a scientist’s plea to be mindful of the uncertain future of these local marine environments as Mother Nature, climate change, and coastal development continue to sculpt this beloved coast.