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GMO: Your Right To Know

Like it or not, genetically engineered foods make up a significant portion of our nation’s food supply. Approximately ninety-three percent of all U.S. soy and canola and eighty-six percent of our corn are genetically modified. There are informed positions on both sides of the debate around genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, pertaining to the health and long-term safety of these food products. But many assert that as long as this debate still rages, consumers deserve to know whether they’re eating and serving foods that have been genetically modified.

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Back To the Future: Pasture, Local Wheat and Water Power

Hungry Ghost Bread-Cheryl Maffei & Jonathan Stevens
Cheryl Maffei & Jonathan Stevens of Hungry Ghost Bread

Massachusetts has a deep agricultural history stretching back before the days of chemical-based industrial agribusiness. How are farmers using older methods to make the transition to more sustainable agriculture?  Sea Change Co-Host Francesca Rheannon goes to the Colrain Dairy to talk with Larry Shearer about his low-impact, pasture-based method of organic dairying.  She then talks with Cheryl Maffei of The Hungry Ghost Bakery’s Little Red Hen local wheat-growing project . Finally, she interviews historian Dan Bennett about the use of water to power grist and sawmills in the smaller communities of the Connecticut River Valley.

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Big Agriculture: Tipping the Balance of Regulation

tom_philpott We talk with food editor Tom Philpott of Grist.org about the impact of the farm lobby on the climate and food safety legislation. And Lisa Hamilton discusses food policy from the perspective of the small farmer. Her book is [amazon-product text=”Deeply Rooted: Unconventional Farmers in the Age of Agribusiness” type=”text”]1593761805[/amazon-product].Read the show transcript