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Lloyd Alter: Innovation in the COVID-19 Era

Human beings are nothing if not innovative. We have invented entire disciplines concerned with design, sustainability, and urban planning. Now, however, a global pandemic is forcing experts in these disciplines to rethink, adapt, and re-innovate. This week on Sea Change Radio, we speak to design expert and environmental journalist Lloyd Alter about innovation and adaptation in the COVID-19 era. We talk about the hurdles we are collectively facing when it comes to things like sky scrapers, air conditioning, and commuting – things that people, including experts, not too long ago took for granted.

Lab-Grown Beef: A Meat Pie in the Sky?

Tom Levitt736603953_771bbfcfc5_qCruelty free products abound in our 21st Century market place, from cosmetics to fake fur. But can you imagine a cruelty free filet mignon? It sounds like an oxymoron, or the stuff of a wacky sci-fi flick. But, as this week’s guest on Sea Change Radio explains, lab-grown meat is here and could hit the shelves within your lifetime.Read the show transcript

Red Lights on the Road to Green Innovation

In the first half of the 21st Century, discussions about the future of energy abound. Engineers are in hot pursuit of new technologies that will provide green, inexpensive energy. But how new are they really?

This week’s guest on Sea Change Radio is Alexis Madrigal, whose new book, Powering the Dream: The History and Promise of Green Technology, unearths a number of green technologies that emerged in the 19th and 20th Centuries. Despite their promise, these early attempts to use solar water heating, electric cars, and wind power fell flat. This week on Sea Change Radio, find out about these innovations and learn why Alexis Madrigal remains optimistic despite America’s history of false starts.