George Monbiot: Altruism For An Age Of Crisis (re-broadcast)

When you think of the values emblematic of politics in the Occident, does the term “altruism” come to mind? Probably not lately. Our guest today on Sea Change Radio believes that a participatory culture with altruism at its core will be key to digging ourselves out of the mess that is our current political climate. This week we are speaking with one of the world’s leading environmental voices, George Monbiot. Acclaimed author, journalist, and activist, Monbiot talks to host Alex Wise about his latest book, “Out Of The Wreckage: A New Politics In The Age Of Crisis.” He discusses what he sees as lessons from the 2016 U.S. presidential election, why a growth-orientation on both right and left are incompatible with sustainability, and how we can infuse more altruism into our culture and politics.